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*Just Added* Joe Downer with Hannah Pike in Vienna, VA Nov. 30!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

🎶 LIVE IN CONCERT: JOE DOWNER with Hannah Pike 🎶

Get ready for an unforgettable night of musical magic as we present a sensational bill featuring two incredibly talented musicians: headliner Joe Downer with support by Hannah Pike! Join us for a night of soulful melodies, electrifying performances, and a musical journey that will leave you wanting more.

Date: Thursday, November 30th 2023

Doors: 6:30pm

Show: 7:30pm

Venue: Jammin Java - 227 Maple Ave East Vienna, VA 22180

Tickets: Available Here

🎤 JOE DOWNER 🎤 Joe Downer is an Americana artist and singer-songwriter renowned for his ability to craft emotionally evocative music that resonates deeply with listeners.

Downer’s distinctive style is characterized by its raw honesty and vulnerability. His compositions often explore the complexities of love, loss, longing, and redemption. Through soul-stirring lyrics and melodies, he weaves intricate narratives that invite listeners to delve into the depths of their own emotions. Whether capturing the bittersweet beauty of love or the tumultuous path of self-discovery, Downer’s music strikes a chord that resonates on a universal level.

“Prelude,” one of Downer’s notable compositions, showcases his prowess in crafting lyrics that read like poetic reflections. The song delves into the intricate landscapes of internal struggle, juxtaposing those inner conflicts with the yearning for connection and understanding.

Beyond his exceptional songwriting abilities, Joe Downer’s performances are known for their authenticity and intimacy. Whether gracing a small stage or captivating a larger audience, he possesses an innate ability to forge a genuine connection with those who listen, making each performance a personal journey of shared emotions.

In a world where music serves as a universal language, Joe Downer stands out as a skilled translator of the human experience. His artistry has the power to uplift, console, and inspire, making him a cherished voice within the realm of musical storytelling. With a genuine passion for his craft and an unwavering commitment to his artistic vision, Joe Downer continues to touch hearts and leave an indelible mark on the souls of his listeners.


Growing up as a nomad, Hannah Pike draws inspiration from a wide array of musical influences and life experiences. Pike is a gifted singer-songwriter, who channels raw emotion into narratives with beautiful, soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics. Her songs span the human condition, dealing with love, loss, and what it means to find a place in this world.

🎉 Additional Information:

  • All ages are welcome

  • Food and beverages available for purchase

  • Ample parking near the venue

Don't miss out on this incredible evening of music and camaraderie. Bring your friends, family, and your dancing shoes as we come together to celebrate the power of live music!

For more information, updates, and to connect with other fans, follow us on social media:

Let the music take over and make memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to see you there!

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